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Below are some of Dr. Nosiri's quotes.
Please reference her when using.
Dr. Chizoma Nosiri, Copyright © 2015

"Stop waiting for your growth and start growing" - Chizoma Nosiri

"To succeed, you must reject fear and embrace courage." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Don't expect or allow someone else to take control of your happiness. Nothing and no one can create true happiness for you like you can." - Chizoma Nosiri

"It is in you to be beautiful and all that matters in life is what you do with that beauty." - Chizoma Nosiri

Stop saying "I wish" and start saying "I will" for only you can achieve your goals and it takes your consent to succeed. - Chizoma Nosiri

"Become the divine you and your potential is limitless." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Stop calculating your problems, mistakes, and your flaws and start calculating your blessings, attributes, talents, and beauty. It is when you have realized how much you do have that life becomes brighter and more enjoyable." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Unlock the door to happiness and keep the key." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Your beauty is a light that shines deep. It was bestowed upon you before your birth, placed within your soul. As a divine woman with such an amazing gift, you are in charge of how you cultivate and nourish your beauty and allow it to shine so that the world may see. You have the power to be as beautiful as you want to be and that power is one that you exercise every day through your thoughts, words, and deeds. Your beauty will be your underlining strength, your sustaining courage, and your blooming esteem." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Life is a journey, take it." - Chizoma Nosiri

No matter what happens, your perspective will create the end result. - Chizoma Nosiri

"Stop comparing yourself to others and start complimenting yourself." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You were made special, born special, and now it is up to you to be special." - Chizoma Nosiri

"A person who looks everywhere but within for love misses the truest love there is, for the love you give your soul is one that cannot be replaced." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Yesterday's problems made you a wiser soldier. Today's obstacles make you a stronger warrior. Tomorrow's circumstances will make you a victorious hero." - Chizoma Nosiri

"In life there comes a time when you have to evaluate your world and you have to make choices to better yourself. When that time comes don't question yourself. Know your worth now and be ready to do what you know is best for you. When you make the right decision, simple turn away from the lesser choice and walk away, never turn back." - Chizoma Nosiri

"A woman of values, is a woman of strength. Resolute to be her and claim your power." - Chizoma Nosiri

"It is only when you can see your fear as it truly is, will you be able to overcome it and become enlightened." - Chizoma Nosiri

"If you expect people to love you, you better expect you to love you too." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You don't have to look far to see beauty. You can feel it in your soul and you can see it in your mind. It is a part of you. Even when you feel unpretty, unloved, or unwanted, the beauty from within calls in whispers, testifying of your divine self. Your inner beauty is one that never fades and never diminishes. Even if you have flaws, the beauty from within is flawless. All it needs is to be acknowledged, cultivated, brightened, and it can blossom and flourish. It can light your mind, your soul, and your world." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Do not hide your beauty, declare to shine in all your glory." - Chizoma Nosiri

"It is within the life you have created will you receive the life you deserve." - Chizoma Nosiri

"If you believe lies about yourself, you eventually make them your truth. Arm yourself with power and stay clear from those who bring you down. Don't let the cold in other people's heart freeze you. Don't let the negative you hear destroy your positive. Don't let the evil around pull the angel you are down. Within your soul lies your truth and it is beautiful." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Be the you you want to be not the you others expect you to be." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Be a source of light that brightens up the world." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You are as beautiful as you let yourself be for beauty is in your heart, your mind, and your soul." - Chizoma Nosiri

"A woman who knows and loves herself is able to embrace herself, stand with grace, and live with dignity." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Some people will try to tell you that you are not good enough. They will try to hurt you, abuse you and beat your spirit down but they cannot destroy you unless you allow them. As you cross paths with these people remember who you are. You are one of a kind and your soul testifies of your greatness. What is required is for you to claim your greatness and be it." - Chizoma Nosiri

"No matter how much hate you get from the world, the love you give yourself will always win if you love yourself just the way you are." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Some people hold an umbrella over their head and assume it will soon rain, in their wait for the rain however they miss out on the sunshine that is present." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Life doesn't always go as you plan so you plan a you go. Rise up from your struggles and from your woes. Build bridges to your success and courage to destroy your fears. Restore your confidence, your determination and stand with esteem. Nothing can stop you from the strength that awaits you, the strength that will consume you once you realize that you can survive anything." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Every woman who truly seeks after beauty from within will receive a heart full of self-love and a soul full of joy." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You can find joy all around you if you open your eyes, mind, heart, and soul. Allow the beauty of the world into your life. By doing so you gain a happiness that never ends." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You can mask yourself in all the most beautiful things in the world, but if your soul is not beautiful, eventually, others will see through your mask." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Your day may have been hard, it may have been difficult but always remember who you are. You are a special being and you are precious in the eyes of your creator. Every night he looks down on you and he smiles for you have done all you could today. He is pleased with your efforts to strive to be the best you and be the best neighbor. Tomorrow you can start anew with strength to grow closer to him and build the joy within your soul." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Even when life seems too hard to bear, be brave and look forward to the day because you are a survivor." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Joy arises from love. When you spread love, you experience infinite joy." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You were meant to live to your fullest potential. Through your journey, as you follow your path sometimes you may take a detour, miss the road and start to believe that you are not good enough, not brave enough or not smart enough. But you are. If you find yourself
in this position find a different route to take you to the right path. A path that allows you to believe in yourself, to esteem yourself, to
trust yourself, to fight for you. You have the control to direct your thoughts and your words. Realize that you have potential to be the greatest you possible. Be the best you by deciding to control the you, you become." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You are not suppose to be like others, you were meant to be you, to stand out and shine." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Stop trying to look like a supermodel and start trying to embrace the super you." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Some people will try to find ways to make you feel unloved, not valued and ugly but they can not accomplish that task if you don't allow them to penetrate your mind, heart, and soul." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Your self-esteem is your power." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Every time you speak negatively about yourself, your self-esteem suffers, you lessen your chances to reach your full potential and
be the best you, and you weaken your spirit. Never speak negatively about yourself. Don't judge or hurt yourself. Instead, Esteem Yourself." - Chizoma Nosiri

"If you mask yourself in order to be someone else, you mask your true beauty and live a false life." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Any woman who knows her worth knows why she is spectacular. She knows that she is distinguished, special, and valued. She understands that no one can define her for she has been defined by her creator. Her definition is deep within her soul. She glows beautifully and she wears her glory with a smile." - Chizoma Nosiri

"What makes you beautiful is not the makeup you wear, the clothes you purchase, the money you hold, or the image you own. What makes you beautiful is the words you speak, the deeds you do, the way you live, and the divine you you claim." - Chizoma Nosiri

"See through to the soul, for there is where true beauty
lives." - Chizoma Nosiri

"In life sometimes certain things have to be let go. It could be past mistakes, a lover, a career, a friend, a change in life, a particular time you cherished, or a road not taken. Whatever it may be for you, let it go. Let yourself heal, set yourself free. Give thanks for the beauty you have today and embrace it wholeheartedly." - Chizoma Nosiri

"There's more to a woman than her physical appearance for a woman's value is beyond what the eyes can see. No matter her physical appearance, her heart reflects her beauty and what makes her beautiful is not just seen but felt by the soul." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You are a divine soul, let not the world change you, you are to change the world." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You are truly a unique cherished individual and no matter what may have happened in the past, what is happening in the present, or what will happen in your future, you are you, and your wisdom, growth and strength will set you apart from others. You are a goddess and your body is a temple. Always orchestrate your life to reflect peace, joy, and glory in your mind, body, and soul." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Speak, for what you hide from others never hides from you." - Chizoma Nosiri

"When it comes to self-esteem, it's not just anyone's call, it's your call. Let no one including you, stop you from esteeming yourself. Never put yourself down." - Chizoma Nosiri

"When you are going through hard times it may be difficult to see a resolution, a way out, or the blessings that await you. But never lose faith. Always remember that every cloud has a silver lining, within the darkness are bright stars, happiness is within reach and that nights turn to days." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Although there will be dark clouds and dark days, hold on and stand firm, the sun will shine again and bring you bright days." - Chizoma Nosiri

"No matter how hard you try to hide from yourself you cannot. You cannot escape your thoughts, your anger, your pain, your past. What you can do is acknowledge it, deal with it, and move forward. If you need extra help to get through the situation, get the help you need. It may be difficult but it is worth it. Don't be ashamed, deceived, or neglect you or your world. Don't live in darkness, turn on the light and see the beauty that awaits you." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Each heartache and each teardrop makes you a stronger and wiser woman who overcomes with grace." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Through your uniqueness you expand your soul's joy." - Chizoma Nosiri

"The most beautiful thing you will ever take a picture of is you. Once you understand your beauty through your soul's confirmation you begin to see yourself in the glow and the grace you possess. You realize that the beauty within you is magnificent and can only be described through actions and not by words or looks, for your deeds capture your soul's beauty in action." - Chizoma Nosiri

"The light within you will guide you. It will lead and show you the way. What is required is your faith, your trust, and your commitment to not doubt yourself but boldly claim your truth." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Speak goodness, walk with elegance and live with joy in your heart." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Smile, laugh, sing, and jump for joy. You're fantastic. Why hide you beautiful soul. Wait no longer to be the happy you, you were meant to be." - Chizoma Nosiri

"There will be times in your life when all you do will seem to go unnoticed. But if your deeds and actions feel good to your soul and heart, then you have done well and the notice is seen in the smiles of those whom you touch." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Life will take you in many directions but if you hold on to faith you will always have the strength to soar above and beyond any obstacle." - Chizoma Nosiri

"The question is not: are you beautiful, are you special, are you unique, or do you have value; you are beautiful, you are special, you are unique, you are valued and knowing this truth will set you free from all self doubt." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Make a promise to watch after yourself and to take care of you. Promise yourself to speak up, to shine, to live in faith, to allow the joy from within to blossom. Promise yourself to include hope, happiness, and beauty in your soul no matter what others may do, no matter where you go, where you stand, or where your journey takes you. Promise yourself to pursue all that is righteous, profound, complete, and worthy as you are." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Nothing is as original as you are. Embrace yourself." - Chizoma Nosiri

"I know that with proper guidance and support any one can find strength, blossom, and achieve anything." - Chizoma Nosiri

"You are on this world but not of it. The treasures you accumulate here on earth will be yours if they can be placed in your heart and soul. Live a life that teaches, inspires, builds, lifts, and esteems others. For the people you touch with your love will eternally be grateful and your reward is the gold within your soul. And only that gold can eternally be yours." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Your physical flaws are part of your beauty. Embrace your true self." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Your dreams are your dreams. They make you the beautiful person you are. When you wake up, work towards your dreams so they may come true. Never let anyone stop you from reaching your dreams. If you allow someone to stop your dreams from coming true, that someone loses nothing, you lose a chance to fulfill your full potential." - Chizoma Nosiri

"An ugly soul may appear beautiful to look at, while a beautiful soul is ignored." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Like a flower, you blossom daily. As you stretch, your petals proclaim the joy of your presence. Proudly you flourish and blossom with dignity. You are delicate in nature but stronger than the thorns that surround you. You continuously grow with radiance for you are beautiful." - Chizoma Nosiri

"If you only see your flaws, you limit your potential to fly." - Chizoma Nosiri

"Throughout your journey you will encounter situations and people that will make you feel incomplete, unloved, or unwanted. What you must remember is that these situations and people do not define you or your value. What defines you are your deeds, your spirit and your soul. Continuously remember that you are uniquely made and the truth of your beauty radiates, for you are special and nothing will ever change that." - Chizoma Nosiri
Chizoma Nosiri, Ph.D.